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Saturday, December 09, 2006 

Bulgaria To Remove Limitations To Foreigner Property Purchase

The Parliament was considering a move from forbidding foreigners to own property in the country to some special regulations.

Changes feature in ownership regulations, discussed on first reading on December 7. Voting on the new laws would take place on December 8, Bulgarian National Radio reported.

Such changes were needed because of Bulgaria's upcoming EU entry. The country accepted EU requirements for the free movement of capital.

Foreigners will be allowed to purchase property in Bulgaria, following international contracts. This would guarantee the opening of Bulgaria's property market upon the country's EU entry, the national radio said.

Bulgaria is going to introduce a new term 'citizen of EU member state' to replace the term 'foreigner' used until present in ownership regulations, the report said.

The same regulations would apply to citizens of countries that are members of the European Economic Community and of Lichtenstein, Norway and Iceland.

Current regulations for the acquisition of a second home would remain valid for citizens of EU member countries, who reside permanently in Bulgaria, the report said.

Current regulations for the purchase of property by international organisations will remain unchanged.

Source: Sofia Echo

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